Basketball club kumanovo through history

Basketball club Kumanovo is established in 1946. This club had own bright moments but also crisis. The club stopped to exist in 2002 due to unconvinced financial crisis. That meant moving out of our best players and gradually club's disintegration which should have been hit in Kumanovo. These days basketball in Kumanovo is kept up by youth team leaded by Straso Todorovic as a coach. Well, how we said basketball club Kumanovo is established in 1946. This club was important bangle not only in macedonian basketball also in the Balkan and we could say in Europe. Very famous players have been in Kumanovo, although one part of them like good players are formed exactly in Kumanovo.


Some famous players

  • Todorovic Straso

  • Dimitrijevic Goran

  • Georgievski Dragan ( Shulc )

  • Dimkovski Dejan

  • Djakovic Djoko

  • Malig Evans

  • Haralanov Anton

  • Ilijevski Marijan

  • Knjazev Gjorgji

  • Krstevski Viktor

  • Kurtovic Mirza

  • Mihajlovski Igor

  • Mirakovski Dimitar

  • Srbinovski Marijan

  • Stankovic Sr|an




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