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BC Fersped Rabotnicki  76 65            BC Kumanovo
BC Kumanovo                     63 83            BC Vardar-Centar
BC Negotino                        52 72            BC Kumanovo
BC Kumanovo                     73 60      BC Plejmejker Centar


BC Kumanovo                      88 76   BC Fersped Rabotnicki
BC Vardar-Centar BC Kumanovo
BC Kumanovo BC Negotino
BC Plejmejker Centar BC Kumanovo

 Calendar according to basketball federation of Macedonia.

Played games:


BC Kumanovo   82 46   BC MZT Skopje
BC Kumanovo   65 61   BC Vardar Osg.
BC Panteri   57 75   BC Kumanovo
BC Kumanovo 101 56   BC S. Pelister
BC Angeli   41 61   BC Kumanovo
BC Petreski   69 45   BC Kumanovo
BC Kumanovo   72 84   BC Junior Fructal
BC Vardar Osg,   71 83   BC Kumanovo
BC Kumanovo   72 33   BC Panteri
BC S.Pelister   56 68   BC Kumanovo
BC Kumanovo   85 53   BC Angeli
BC Kumanovo   41 65   BC Petreski
BC MZt Skopje   59 72   BC Kumanovo
BC Junior Fructal   85 56   BC Kumanovo


Sponsorhsip is necesseraly

Well, we invite all interested, real lovers of basketball to invest and supply better conditions for youth team of basketball club Kumanovo. In other words we look for real sponsors in order to supply coming back on true and real basketball in Kumanovo.



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